Friday, September 10, 2010

Turkey Trot

I'm not sure I've ever posted this picture...but this was the first Fun Run I have ever participated was Thanksgiving 2008....I would luv to participate this year, but am recovering from a very painful condition called Plantars Fasciitis...I feel like my HEELS are podiatrist (yes, I have one!!!) told me that he didn't think my heels were fractured....I'm feeling a little sad over all of this, but I am putting things in perspective....I walked into his office and could have stood (not enough chairs in the waiting room)....I can't say that for the others...I'll count my blessings and keep quiet!

I'm off the streets for now, and unplugged my a couple of weeks...I hope to report differently!

I made this and framed it for a gift to my dear sister for Christmas. I made one for me too, but have yet to attach my leaves....hmmmmmmmm...perhaps a project I should buckle down and finish!



  1. Trudi

    I love this layout! Especially the tree. Did you cut this out and piece this together or was this pre-made?

    Marilyn C.

  2. Marilyn, I'll answer here too, in case others are wondering....(I wish I knew how to e-mail after a comment!?)...

    The answer to the ? about my tree and leaves...the tree was cut using my Graphically Speaking cartridge...(a must have cartridge for scrapbooking!) and the leaves were cut out using my Wild Card cartridge (I think?! It's been 2 years!!!!)...I did stamp a canvas type texture on the leaves (lightly) in various colors...and inked the edges of the leaves! I have a card that I made with this design and I CASED myself for the layout! LOL! I have a bunch of those unfinished too...perhaps I'll finish them and post a picture for all to see!