Friday, August 27, 2010

Birthday Card

I'm back from Seattle....interesting....quirky....I guess you could say somewhat of a complaints on the business we wrote/brought home for us....we are busy through Valentines Day now....just not like it once was....the times have changed, and along with that...we are too....I can say, I picked up quite a few new customers, which is good! The show was A LOT smaller than normal....what used to be 5 healthy rows of food vendors shrunk to TWO!!! Not sure how to digest all of that (no pun intended) I said...quirky, strange, interesting...and HARD....this was a hard show this year....

In the meantime, my Mom needed a card to send to my aunt for her, I brought my stash from the past for her to pick from....this is the one she chose. It includes a packet of cocoa inside...I purchase cocoa packets from one of my friends who is the Mktg Director for a fun company that packages TONS of themed cocoas in packets and tins. I've gotten to know them quite well over the last 20+ years of doing the Giftshows....and am in the process of getting my order together right now! I managed to take a quick picture of my cocoa card before we shipped it away with a gift!


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