Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Time In My Studio!

Good news, bad news....first the good....I got motivated and finished the design of the card I'm working on. After the design is's easy from there. I am making multiples though, so, I may not be finished by tomorrow. I am taking things to work on during my daughter's piano lesson late this afternoon...I'm really excited to get this one done and photographed! I've wanted to play with this set for SO LONG now....and I have to admit, my original "vision" did not happen, but looking at what I ended up with....I KNOW my original "vision" would not have worked for me.

Now, the bad news.....I have a special hiding spot in my studio for my treats....I literally lost oodles of weight on WW by having my stash of WW treats in my special drawer.....Well, it's been a long long long time since I've actually spent TIME in my room. I've only dabbled a bit here and a bit there....and I have not really even sat in my chair in there let alone dig into my's probably been about 6 months....

No worries, somebody else found my treats....aka...a MOUSE. I admit, we had a little creature in our daylight basement awhile husband trapped the poor little guy .... he's now in a place where our former house kitties can chase and play with him. (We lost our beloved kitties about 9 years ago...they were very well taken care of...ages 16 and 15...previous farm kittens, given a charmed life).....I was HORRIFIED seeing my treats all shred up to pieces....with rubber gloves....I took the drawer AWAY today.....I've thoroughly inspected my craft studio for any other kind of evidence....and I'm fairly confident...Mickey is gone....BUT...that being said....with our next batch of farm kittens....I plan to have a house kitty in our future!
You are probably wondering what this picture has to do with anything? It's sort of a clue! You'll see in the next few days!
Bye for now!

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