Thursday, August 5, 2010

Tinsel Cord

I like having my inspiration cards are progressing nicely :)

Yesterday, while working on my cards at my daughter's piano occurred to me that I was using an awful lot of my retired (non stretchy) cord. I remember when this became retired a few years ago (SU) and at the really didn't bother me....afterall, ribbon is a huge part of my chocolate business and I have suppliers all over that I probably could find it if I tried hard....

So, yesterday....I see the never ending roll of nonstretchy metallic gold cord will be gone after I finish what I'm working on....This morning, I squeezed in 1/2 hour of time....big smile on face...I don't know why I'm "happy" when I use something up. My smile turned into a FROWN. You see, I like my project (sorry RAK group, I'm going turtle slow...) and plan on bringing my supplies to Seattle (I'm there on business for 5 days or so in the next few weeks...I want to have stuff to do at night!) and make even more of these for a Christmas gift for one of my sisters, who does not craft. (I won't elaborate...but will after I post a picture of the completed card)....I did NOT want to run out of my supply!!!!!!!!! So....I did a quick a roo-ie and found an alternative "look".

I'm sitting at my workdesk right now....and thought I'd browse through one of my supplier's catalogues (30 pages of nothing but ribbon!) took about 30 seconds to find what I was looking for.... WHEW .... (and we order from this company pretty much weekly....)

So, my craft world will not stop spinning for today, I can use up my roll of gold nonstretchy that I did the substitute on a few of my cards....I'm not sure what version I like better, I may like my alternative better than my original...I can say, it was a lot less work too....

A little teaser picture here....cord version vs fancy ribbon version on my card element ....(I really really LUV this ribbon...can't wait to get a chocolate project to use it on....this is really cool stuff...)


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