Wednesday, May 5, 2010


My weekend was supposed to be a do-over weekend...but, was filled with tension and stress. My husband is coaching our son's baseball...and there was a serious injury with all kinds of fireworks along with it. Long story, and it involves another person's child, so I won't was serious and remains to stress...stress...stress...

In the meantime, my son was put on the mound for the very first time in his life. I think my husband is reliving his life too...he will never praise himself, but his baseball career was one that trust me ... had he not thrown his elbow out on a 96 mph pitch...I may not have met him, but may be watching him on TV. (at 18 he was drafted major league)...long, fast forward...30 years's a little him out there! I suspect this was a moment for Dad as much as for son...that will be one I need to scrapbook, as how special it was. I have all these scrapbook moments...and SO LITTLE TIME!

So, for's pictures.

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