Sunday, May 30, 2010

Dinking Around

I have done NOTHING today. My daughter was icky sick late last night...(midnight)...she had a friend over, whose mom came and got husband was out of town at a funeral, son over at a friends house....when the mom came....we discovered a squished kitten in my garage....(long story)...I think I went over the edge about then...between that and cleaning up....I said "I AM DOING NOTHING TODAY". Now, after eating lots of cookie dough...I feel like I need to go lay down.

This was the very first Crafty Secrets set that I purchased. I (heart) this company so much...and especially find this a "go to" place when I feel like creating anything Vintage! Hope you all are enjoying your days off.....I am heading down the carpeted stairs in a couple of minutes...after I rest the cookie dough off!


1 comment:

  1. Hope your daughter is better. Sorry to hear about the squish kitten. :(

    I really like this vintage feel of this card too.