Wednesday, November 16, 2011

MIA for awhile

It's the season, and I'm a bit crazy at, have had the 2nd scare of the year with a near sudden tragedy, this time concerning my Mom. She had to have emergency surgery on her spine for a spinal cord injury...I'll skip the scary stuff...this was right up there scary....but all ended well...and she, like my son, is a walking miracle. I'm so ready for 2011 to leave. It's almost like it has been hexed!

This all happened last week, this week, I'm in a very happy place. Busy with chocolate...yes...and about ready to land a very big account...this cold calling stuff isn't that bad...I'm getting good at it! When and if I get an order ... I'll post a picture of who it's for. I have to keep you in suspense, don't I? hahaha Actually...I want to keep it quiet for now, just in case I don't get a PO. The buyer was uber excited, and we are fast becoming, I'm optimistic...but...I have said the same thing over the years....sometimes it works out....sometimes it doesn't....I will give a hint....

April ... and opening day .... something to that effect ... although, an order would go out earlier than that ... cross fingers and hope I don't strike out on it ... (oh what a sense of humor I have!) I *might* know in a couple of days! SNOWED today...YUK...I don't like all...and...GOOD NEWS!!! My dear daughter was offered a spot on the U14's volleyball team this year...pretty good, since she is only 11. I'm not saying this because I'm her Mom...but, I suspect the game will be a part of our lives for many years to way beyond high school....we saw this in her play when she was only 8 and playing with 12 year olds. She can hit like a rocket...(serves) and is ready to set way before the ball even comes near her...she knows where the ball is going before it crosses the I know what I'm talking's fun to watch...and I'm thrilled for her. You never "really" know until you "get the call"...there were 106 girls at tryouts...and sadly only 30 spots to fill...she played this club last year, never know. I'll be making lots of citrus green/black and white things for the next season...goes til prepared!

I have a card to post in the next few days. I really want the ladies who are receiving them in the mail to get them before I post a now...this pic will have to work! This is an old picture...she had just turned 9 and had learned that killer serve!


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