Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Visit Tri-Cities!

(sorry about the picture glare...these are not done professionally, just for MY reference)

I'll give a little plug to my customer, the Tri-Cities Visitors and Convention Bureau. This is an order we put together for them yesterday....I'll emphasize, "we" is actually "I". I kept this project for myself! :) It was a fun one. I did not pour the chocolate piece, I'll give credit to others in my company for that...but, I did order the mold for the TCVCB, if that means anything! Oh...and made the bows...we imprint the ribbon here.

Lately, I've been ordering quite a few custom you travel throughout the country, to "touristy" very well may see our label on the bottom of a chocolate piece! Our recent tradeshow, although not many, did bring in some good business, and also good contacts (ouch...I need to cold call...shy little me...although, is it really cold calling IF the customer gave me their card and advised me to call? I still stutter and stammer...I'm not the best at "hard" selling, and never will be...either you want my stuff or you don', that's my philosophy...of course I have other elements which good service, I'm sort of the "good experience" kind of company....from the very first phone contact, all the way to opening the just has to be all warm and fuzzy!

Anyhow, I know this isn't a crafty card or scrapbook page...but, lately, my life has been sorting out tradeshow and holiday orders...I'm pretty ready to go home and chill at night! (And play WWF) So, for now, this business card holder with the chocolate "smart phone" (for trademark reasons, I think I better not specify which "kind" of smart phone)...customer branding on the face of it. If you had never heard of our fine (3)cities....and you have ought to pull it up.

There is NO place like here...I'm convinced of that...doesn't have all the bells and whistles that a major metro has...but, we do have some pretty cool things to offer...especially if you are into wine tasting, fishing, agri-tourism, GOLFING, sports tournaments, yada yada yada....not sure it compares to Hawaii, but, there's some history here the names: Sacajawea, (sorry Sacaja, I didn't bother to spell check your name, but since you are pronounced differently HERE than in the midwest...then...I can get know there is a story to that comment!) Lewis & Clark, Oregon Trail...sort of cowboys and Indians...oh, and Ancient KENNEWICK Man, I think he was dated 1000 years old bones...maybe it was 10,000 (I know, huge difference I know it started with a 1 and had 3 to 4 zeros) sparked a LOT of controversy here (he was discovered about 6 miles from my house!)....should ancient Kennewick Man's bones be buried in sacred tribal fashion? Or....should a scientist be able to study this ancient man? We sat next to one of the tribal leaders on a flight to Vegas input, I kept to myself...I had a chuckle listening to my husband digging himself deeper and deeper on that one....Seriously, hard to say....if I were part of the tribal nation...I'd want my bones back...but, if I were a Viking, not sure I'd care...ok...enough about ancient man...

Just thought I'd ramble about my "homeland"! LOL

Bye for now!


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