Tuesday, October 11, 2011

25th Anniversary

So, not your typical guest book. The idea was to make this book inviting enough to write a memory, sort of casual, personal notes to the teachers who have been there from the start. I had offered to make TWO books...but, the committee advised against it, there are 2 new teachers on staff, and they felt one was enough, and the 2new ones might feel slighted. I even offered to make FOUR...Who am I kidding? I barely pulled off enough time to make ONE...and that ONE wasn't to perfection...but, it is what it is...my word "Treasures" didn't fit on one line...but, like a preschooler might also not fit on "one line", I didn't fret too much about it! Anyhow, here is the book. I was hoping to get a few more "entries" in this book...the dinner was at an event center, the room and dinner was above and beyond...lots of chatter going on...my little book, although there were full pages of writing...there is still room for about 2/3ds of a book! Oh well...it is what it is...glad I only spent 5 hours on it...rather than 5 weeks! hahahaha

I need to clean up my very messy studio...then, I might find craft inspiration AGAIN! Speed creating...was NOT fun!

In the picture: Those crayons, are chocolate crayons. We make these and sell them by the thousands to a certain franchise that makes Candy Bouquets. (not exclusively)...anyhow, FYI...



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