Friday, January 22, 2010

My Elements and Inspiration!

I knew that I was not going to have much time pulling this together...a funny thing happened last night....I fell asleep rather than worked on my pending project! So, I did today, what I tend to do quite often when I get to this stage...I pulled a variety of POSSIBLE embellishments, which may or may NOT end up on my card. I forgot I had the courderoy buttons...I had no intention of using those until I saw how close they matched my designer paper, which I narrowed down to these 2 papers. I have 12 cards to make and each 12x12 paper cut 6 panels, each 4"x5-1/4" in size. Originally I thought I'd be using a white button...but, we'll see...I'm steering towards the fun colorful ones now. I'm glad I didn't work on my cards last night...the pattern was a last minute thought this morning...If nothing else, it will serve as some sort of inspiration, but it would be nice to cut off the scraps and somehow use it on my card! The pink ribbon hurts my eyes just to think about it...but one of the designer papers has pink accents, if you look closely, you'll see images that I colored has absolutely NO PINK on it...but, I pulled this from my stash "just in case"....I KNOW I want to use my "pinking" know those fancy edged scissors that we all have and threaton to never use? I surprise myself now and then and find needs for these...I'm a craft hoarder I'm afraid, and have literally everything a crafter could need!

I'm finished for now, will complete my card over the weekend....I'm going to mail the results out to the indended recipients before posting it to my blog. (Probably Monday)....sometime next week...I'll show what I came up with!!!

I will come back, however with other posts! I'm trying to clean my craft table...finishing 2009 Christmas Cards, which now will be 2010....I have a bit of a crafter's block on one of my elements...I'm trying to turn a tin soldier into a Nutcracker. hmmmmmmmmmmm

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  1. Trudi, I'm loving your blog posts!! Can't wait to see the finished card! I've left something for you on my blog!