Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Almost Finished!

I wish I could say I'm almost finished with something crafty....I'm almost finished with my Spring brochure for my chocolate business. It's something I need to get out to the retailers ASAP and I've sort of had things pop up (which is normal) that delayed my intent to have this already printed and out in the mail! I left the factory tonight, knowing I only need to tweak the final page a eensy teensy bit tomorrow, press send to the printer and get ready for the mailing. Then, I'll give a huge sigh of relief and be able to burn the midnight oil again without worries! In the meantime, here is a picture I found while messing with my photo gallery last night. We have a cherry orchard and I never have taken pictures of the process before...I caught these few bins on the last day or so of picking before they were shipped out! I will be back tomorrow with a picture of something crafty....Every February I donate 10 pounds of cherries, 15 pounds of fresh asparagus and 1 box of peaches at our church preschool silent auction. I make 3 gift certificates ... and each is auctioned off for a fairly handsome price! It goes to a good cause and I gladly do this. I am not satisfied unless I handmake a special card with the certificate. Well, it's coming up soon...so, I think I better get in the mood for my certificates. I have about 1 month to complete each one...I started collecting ideas....(I'm still putting on hold showing you my finished card from my In Style set...I want the recipients to be the first to see them...oh wait...I need to see them finished first! hahahahaha!)

I was up early today, ran 3-1/2 miles...now, I am going to dream about cherry ice cream!

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  1. Hi Trudy, You are in my favorite folder so I will be visiting often. Have fun with your blog.

    Mnstamper, Laurie