Thursday, January 21, 2010

Today is going to be one of those days....I already have more to do than human hours will allow! So, I'll be brief! After choosing my designer paper...I knew I wanted to color coordinate my stamped image. I could have done this several ways...I could have watercolored with my inks, crayons or pencils....I could have paper-pieced, I think these images may have worked....I chose my markers since I planned on coloring during my daughter's piano lessons and wanted something fairly portable and quick! My next step will be to pull this all together...this is basically as far as I am right now with this project...I hope to finish the next step tonight and show you tomorrow! I can't promise a finished card YET...but now I need to decide which paper and cardstock and layout to go with...I already have an idea! Oh, and by now...of these 3 designer papers...I KNOW which one I DON'T, I need to choose between the other 2....or...use them both~!

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  1. Oh Trudi... I"ve "cyber-known" you for years...and your thought proces still amazes me! I USED to own this set...never used it and sold it..LOL! Love what I see so far...I'll be checking back to check on your work hugs,