Friday, January 29, 2010

Thank You Gifts

I'm finding the more I fiddle with my photo software and this computer, the easier it is becoming to upload pictures from home! Once again, I'm pulling a photo from my very own picture gallery of a project I did last year. I've had a wonderfully busy week ... getting our print brochure completed and out in the mail, plus made some fairly aggressive marketing decisions recently with our chocolate, my intent to create sort of got put off for a week! But, all my ducks are in a row now! I did clean off my craft's sparkling and I have 3 little "unfinished piles" Pattern of Friendship projects are my number one priority! But, for the meantime...I made these last year for the teachers gifts...I did it last minute, and swore this year...I would get a HUGE jump on it!!!! I adore my kidlets teachers this year ... and will be sorry to see my children move on from each one!

I really enjoyed making this card and the chocolate gifts that went with it! We not only gave a gift to each teacher, but the librarian, PE teacher, reading teachers, etc....I need to start thinking for this year....I'll bet that for some odd reason, I probably won't get started again until last minute! Teacher's Day is early May...FYI! I have some time.... :)



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