Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Weekend Stress

Some of you may know that my daughter plays club volleyball. (now you know) This is her 2nd year of it...and she absolutely LUVS the game. What I really like about it for her...is she has a passion for this sport, and she gives it her all...I adore watching her play. What I DON'T adore...is the drama that is generated by the us PARENTS! It was a roller coaster weekend...and now, I'm needing to destress. I started eating icecream and candy...and refused to get up and run on the treadmill! It's been a whirlwind of a couple of days to say the least! I really want to get something new on here...so, once again...I'm pulling from my picture gallery of projects from the past. This picture is a project that I absolutely loved doing...and giving it to the teachers for Valentine's Day. (I think I mailed these out as a RAK, once upon a time....) I know I entered this in a little local competition too...so...IF you have seen this before...don't be surprised. I don't believe you saw the little gift that went with though! The set I used was one from a Stampin Up' mini catalogue I believe. The fun stuff inside is from my chocolate business, except the cocoa...that I buy in quantity from one of my favorite companies that I've known since the first year we ever exhibited in The Seattle Giftshow. (About 20 years!)

I HOPE to de-stress tonight with ink and cardstock...I'm settling down since the weekend...I do have to comment though...we have another tournament this weekend! I may need to bring some of that cocoa with to settle my tension! LOL!!!


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  1. I totally LOVe this gift set!!!! I'm gonna have to join another swap with you in it!!!! LOL! I want one of those pretzel sticks dipped in yummy chocolate! Sorry about the volley ball parents! They can totally ruin a game for the kids.... My son has that same situation in baseball, I call it DADDY BALL~ if you get my meaning! geesh, relax people! Anyway enjoy your weekend! :) Lia