Friday, February 26, 2010

Sis's Gift....

Just getting all of this out ... is inspiring me to get busy on this book. Most of the pages are pretty intense, including this one...there is quite a bit of detail on the fence....but that's me...I tend to scrap this way. I wanted to get all of the layouts photographed, for my reference, before I give the gift away, I want to be sure I can recollect what I have done. I will someday, want to recreate....for myself!

Bear with me on my uploading pictures...I do not know how to rearrange once I've uploaded...I've tried and things have gotten put in odd me, it's not my preference, but ... I've come a LONG way, computerwise ... I'll go with it. This blogging stuff isn't as hard as I fact, this is pretty easy.

A little history about this layout....this is where you would find me all summer, when not working in the orchards. We typically were done with bringing in the fruit for the day by, all we needed to do was be alert for customers....who often got to see us in our bathing suits! We did have good tans! I LUV Eastern Washington weather!!!!!

Happy Friday!


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