Friday, February 19, 2010

I Have a Headache

It's been a long week...this volleyball politics has both my husband and I in KNOTS...and for those of you who may be my facebook will see I had a little joke about LET IT GO...(my SU grandupline likes to tease me about dwelling on things, so she has to give me my LET IT GO fix once in awhile....which she did....) Anyhow, NO sleep, tossing and turning, and even a few my craft goals literally were not even a small consideration! BUT....I do manage to get to work every day, and I'm making big proposals for upcoming events that might need or want our'm adding a little picture of something that I could use right now....a big GIANT CHOCOLATE ASPIRIN!!! Of course, we all know, I'm a gummy kinda of gal....but, I recently submitted this particular product into my ad specialty line,'s the first thing I thought of. I HOPE that maybe I can get some ME time this weekend....if the weather stays nice...I'm going to forget the treadmill, but hit the pavement...I have to clear my head and make some decisions....if it was all about ME, it would be's not, that's why the tears......

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  1. awwwwwwwwwwww! big hugs Trudi! so sorry for the volley ball drama. Lia