Sunday, February 7, 2010

This Is My Life

Another weekend of volleyball bliss...this time, the "politcal stuff" wasn't too bad, but something sad happened....(my son left his DS at the hotel...although we have our name on a lost and found list...I suspect this is a goner...) far as the tournament....I only saw 3 girls with tourney tears, mine included........but it all stems down to a very young coach who, although I will give her the benefit...and not hold her age against her...she doesn't verbalize things very well...and she has said some things that are very hurtful to 10 year old girls. This was my setter, last week it was the other. Both girls are pretty skilled for their tender young ages, and compete their hearts out. I look at the knee pads to see who has little holes already in the padding...mine does....if you know or play the game, you will understand. Anyhow...I cried for both children yesterday...a very sad little brother who lost his prized possession, and a sad girl, whose coach wouldn't let her in the final game to get the winning point....I can't complain about play time...she was never taken out of the game during the entire bracket play....huge compliment for her...but during the final serve....a huge substitution, the coach way will I put (my daughter) in. I don't understand the motive or reason.....nor will I second guess it...but, my daughter heard it...and was very hurt by it. Today, I am going to do some light house cleaning...then head on down to my craft studio for some me time...(oh and put an hour on the treadmill)....I have a creative block on my card that I hoped to finish weeks ago...goal is to finish it and move probably won't be one of my best...but, I really can't be at a standstill with it much longer or I will resent it! KWIM?! Be looking tomorrow for new pics!



  1. Hi Trudy,
    Hopefully, the coach will realize that she has some lessons to learn regarding how to talk with young girls.

    I also feel bad for your son loosing his DS. I am sure it was his way for passing time while watching his sister play volley ball. Is his birthday coming up soon?

  2. It has us all in knots (DS)...but...he will work for me...and as a family, we are all starting a jar of $ to buy a new one. Even sis is helping. I don't want to just go buy a new one, but I think we can take this icky incident and turn it into a postive lesson. (there isn't much else we can do...) I'm trying to teach him perspective, but this is a huge thing for him.