Monday, February 22, 2010

New Craft Pictures Coming

Remember those gift certificates I mentioned about 3 weeks ago? Well, I finally made them...the auction was yesterday, and I did what I swore I wasn't going to do...I made them the night before the function, was up until 2:00 a.m. doing them. They are SIMPLE ... and one of them, I flat out DO NOT LIKE...BUT...that one auctioned off for $35...go figure...the other 2 did respectfully well too...the one that I want a do-over with was pretty popular! Our packer would pay us: $7.50 for what brought in $35...if only in real life that could happen! I DID get pictures, but it was at the church, and they are blurry...I have them at home on my other camera, I will attempt to upload TONIGHT....if not, tomorrow morning....

My craft studio is a TOTAL MESS...I closed the lids to all inks...and turned the lights off...I have "stuff" scattered EVERYWHERE...and it is NOT inviting to finish or start any craft projects! In my attempts to create these 3 cards timely (took 4 hours)...I did stumble upon some items I really do want to play with...and I have a friend who wants to come over and learn this, I hope to get cleaned up, and motivated to get going more!!!

In the meatime, I'm posting something a little's Easter here in the factory, we literally produce THOUSANDS of these little guys which get sent out to specialty retailers all over the nation...I know, it's not crafty, but it does make this post a little more fun to look at!!!

So far, a much better start to this week than last...I have decided to move past the issues that kept me awake every night...I did get some quality sleep last night and Friday night too...(not Saturday night though....I had my little certificates in the making way too late!)



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  1. Love the chocolates Trudi! I used to mold chocolates as well. Not so professional-looking though! I had a large tempering machine and everything. Then, in a storm here in Boston, I discovered that our house had water problems -- they were disclosed but so "glossed over" that we had no idea the years of aggravation we were in for. My tempering machine, along with computers, stereo equipment, furniture, etc. drowned a horrible death and I haven't done it since! Now, I stamp! Love your scrapbook pages! I look forward to many more entries! BTW, Chris (my soon to be 12 yr. old son) wants the German Shepherd puppy pictured on the "Daily Puppy". Jeanne