Tuesday, February 23, 2010

My Certificates

For starters, I need to say 2 things.....

First, the quality of the pictures is AWFUL. I could not get anything but BLUR when I photographed these...I pulled them out of their auction spot and took pictures when I thought nobody would see me....but....there were bidders lurking around, so I was "hurried".

Secondly, this is NOT my finest work....I did not like these, and was tempted to just print out a piece of paper....but after doing these now for 7 years or so....I learned on Sunday...the bidders expect to see what I'm going to do....I think the same ladies fight over the asparagus....it's all good, and goes to a good cause...the preschool...which ultimately is put into a scholarship fund to help families who may be in a financial pinch now and then....I've served on the board for years, and am thankful that we offer this, the preschool is top notch and I'm glad to be a part of it!

Enough said....I think I better pull out some of my scrap pages next...I'm finishing up on a very intense project...super uber intent, but have not touched it for MONTHS! The goal is to be finished by August....I'm going to pull it out ... might be fun to share the journey with you all! BUT...I do have cards in the making...promise!


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