Monday, February 8, 2010

The Results of My Impulse Card

It's growing on me...I know I said I wouldn't post this until the recipients received theirs, I changed my mind and decided to post this early, fully knowing, that I may end up tweaking this a bit! I've worked it until I am beginning to resent it!!!!'s growing on me! I really like the Stampin Up! courderoy buttons....I'm a button freak! I'll let you know if I do make any changes, or if this is it. I have to do crafting this week whether I want to go to sleep early or not. It's Valentines time, and both kidlets are requesting handmade cards. My daughter will get the task of making her own, with me supervising the son...well, his is a bit has to have Oregon Ducks stuff on it....I'm thinking a little green card with a bright yellow "o" on the front of it...some little heart inside or something. One would think we live in Oregon (not), or that we have an Oregon Duck alum in our family (not not)....I'm a COUG (WSU) all the way...and my husband isn't a Duck eithor, but he is from a little town in Eastern Oregon, the whole community are (mostly) DUCKS! Anyhow, I can't wait to see how I'm going to pull a rabbit out of a hat this week!


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