Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Thinking of My Eastern Friends

This was total impulse to post this. Actually, I'm working trying to organize my picture gallery in the factory...(I literally have thousands of pictures of chocolate items that are uncategorized....) I stumbled upon this picture, it was part of a swap group I participated in a few years back. We all took a saying out of a 8-10 line poem...I won't go into detail about the verse...just my spin on my line.....anyhow, after getting off the phone with a customer of mine in Connecticut....hearing about her weather, this picture popped up. (Actually, I was searching for something for her...and found this)....THIS IS HOW MY MIND WORKS....

Baby Novelties for Baby Shower---->Search my Gallery---->Found Trudi File---->Sunny Saying---->Customer Location---->Connecticut---->Bad Snow---->Eastern Crafting Friends---->Post on Blog

And...believe it or's SPRING in Eastern Washington!!!!

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