Sunday, February 28, 2010

Reasons to Stamp in March!

Doing a little me time ... blog surfing ... I visited this saved in my favorite places blog ... I've seen lists before ... but enjoyed this one because of all the fun samples. I plan on cleaning my desk today in my home office (getting ready for April 15....) ... MAYBE going for a walk (I have somehow managed to throw my back out...) ... then spending the rest of the day in my craft studio!!!!! I don't plan on coming out of it until I've finished some undone projects...(like all my delinquent new ones...) I'm going to pick one of these on the March list...I think it will be fun!~

I need a countdown clock too...for some reason, my computer is not letting me pull up gadgets ... I have some computer issues to say the least...anyhow, I'm thinking of what my countdown needs to be....countdown until sis's gift is done. I'm going make August 1 my goal... by the 1st I need to get busy for our holiday sales in my chocolate business...if it's not finished by will be put on hold even longer!

I think this accountability will motivate me!


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