Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Now that I'm an official blogger, I better have ideas to share! Fortunately, ideas are something that I have plenty of...time...well, not so much of! I've often wondered how other minds create...what the process is for each individual. I've heard that some create by inspiration...they look at an advertisement, fabric, pictures, etc., and an idea will spark. Some by sketches, there are many out there, I've designed using a sketch a couple of times...wish I would more, since I enjoyed that process. Others may take an already done image and make it their own, (the highest form of crafting flattery)....ME....I take the DO WHAT YOU KNOW YOU WANT TO DO AND GO FROM THERE APPROACH.....I could write a book on my can get into detail, but to make it simple for my blog...I will leave it at that....SIMPLE....(that doesn't mean the result will be simple...)

A few months ago, I started a RAK for a group that I belong to....(sorry peeps, it's "in the works"...) I think I need to finish it...but, I thought I'd share my process just the same!

Each card I create "typically" has 3 elements: Designer Paper, Stamping, and Embellishments

Sometimes I stray, but starting out...this is what I KNOW I will probably settle on. I thought I'd have a little fun with this RAK...and literally CLOSE MY EYES and randomnly choose a Stamp Set that I had never really used before...and see if my process would work on any knew I was going to choose a Stamp Set....

Pop in later to see what set I chose! After it was in my hot little hands...I almost wanted to change my rule and pick another...but, that would not be right now would it...I want to prove my theory works....I will post my first step of the process I KNOW I'M GOING TO USE THIS SET.........

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