Friday, August 5, 2011

SU Order

So, I received my order was filled with all kinds of fun things...I ordered a little out of the ordinary, and splurged on some fun dies. Although I have a cricut, there are times I prefer (a lot of times actually) using my old sizzix or my Big Shot to make the diecuts that I need. I think, actually I KNOW...having a die that makes the cut PLUS puts the score lines on the cut is worth every penny to me...IF I intend to use the die in volume. Time is money in my work world, in my craft world...any way I can streamline my creative me more time to do something else.

About a week ago, an online friend was asking me about the little milk carton die that I had ordered in. I told her, once I had this in my hot little hands...I would cut one out and take a picture for her...

This I know:



  • A tad bit tricky to "assemble" at first attempt, IF you don't read the directions, which I didn't. Duh..pretty easy after you do ONE

  • Itty Bitty...but perfect size for favors

The actual dimensions are: 3-1/4" tall from base to the very top, 1-1/2" face width....

SIDE NOTE: This is very plain jane....(for me)....the first piece of cardstock I saw, sitting next to my big shot, was the piece I particular reason....the ribbon I used, is a #3 ribbon...I spent no time thinking about it...I did this ON THE FLY...and when I make them for real...yes, there will be stamping and fun stuff...this is only for size purposes....

THAT BEING SAID: I think I could fill this up with blue and white jelly bellies and call it done, it is still cuteness...whether it is bling blinged or not!

So...there you go!!!! My picture for the day!

Fun Picture: this is PART of our gummy candy that we use for our business....the jars are for the "opened" bags...keeps the gummies ... GUMMY!!! You will see the "empty" jar on USED to contain gummy COKE BOTTLES!!!! It was FULL too...and I can't recall a recent order where we used them....(let's just say, I did NOT lose my 15 pounds I needed to prior to my class reunion, which is TONIGHT!) Stressful month....I LUV gummy coke bottles! :)



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