Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Going Buggy

So, I'm thrilled I'm motivated to create again, just that my shell card turned into not the 4 that I wanted to make...instead it's 12. I have a lot of people I want to send one to....my timeline is getting late with it to...I really want to send out thank yous to many who held my hand through my scary time with my son. I had many who helped me here, there, through prayer and through cyberland....now I'm at TWELVE...

That being said....this card caught my eye...I display my cards in my craft studio every time I finish one. I try to make a couple of extra...but some I only have one of...it's been awhile since I made the one pictured here...and it's still on the shelf, has not been replaced with another card...(either I have not managed to make much over the 4 years OR I (heart) this card!!!

Business is calling me right now, so I'm not going to go on and on and on like I usually do....for now, my deets on the card is that this is THE FIRST card I ever made using COPICS ... which in my mind are WAY UP there as must have supplies as my cricut is!!!!! OH...and I refuse to not use my beloved sizzix...this was one of the first major tools I ever got...12+ years ago....something like that...a long long time....I luv using it to cut out felt and chipboard and such! (the stamp set used is from Crafty Secrets...isn't it cute?!)

Gotta Go!


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  1. Trudi, This is one of the most darling cards I have seen! I just love that stamp...will google it later to see if it's still around. It reminds me of old children's book illustraions and also the movie, "A Bug's Life"! Are those little buttons on the front? Truly an adorable and wow card! I so enjoy your blog. Off to catch up on the posts I've missed!