Monday, July 11, 2011

Creative Therapy

So...what an overload of emotions I've had this last 2-3 weeks. Still have that "perspective" word going through my know, the reminder...that when you get right down to it...there are very few things in life that are important. My friends...the air we breathe...our know...sometimes the people and things we take for granted....until we are "reminded" that in an instant ... we could lose any and all of the above....

Petty little things become unimportant and you want to hold tight and close to you the things that do....

So...during scary hours with my son...I sort of overlooked my faith. I admit this openly and I'm ashamed of it. I have struggled with this...and it occurred to me...that it wasn't just my son who needed prayers and who received them...but me too...and for this...I am thankful. Sort of like the "Footprints in the Sand" message....I too, was carried through a tough situation. (The prayers were son is recovering very fast...and the tumor was benign, no spinal cord damage...I could go on and on and on...)

The overflow of cards/e-mails/phone calls/and the knowledge of prayers has been very comforting ... and without hesitation I created a few cards I want to mail to a few ladies who brought us dinner when we came home from the hospital. (Therapy...this was the FIRST time I created w/o a block in a LONG LONG LONG over 2 years...everything up to this point...I've had creative blocks....)

I purchased the stamp I used...probably 12 years ago...a "sale" item at Michaels...and never ever have used just seemed like a nice of comfort and a "reminder" of "the bigger picture". I have to admit, when I saw the challenge on the BBTB2 board...I purposely made it to fit the use a STARFISH on the LIFE'S A BEACH cartridge. All four of my cards are spoken for...and I have only completed ONE. The one I'm showing is my "test" card....I'm 100% positive I will TWEAK it a fact, already have....(my next 3 have my very favorite background stamp....LINEN (SU) stamped on it...this one is NAKED. Not that you can really tell...since the margin is only 1/8"....I will probably change my "mat" on the actual ocean scene...I'm not diggin it 100%....we'll see...the shells, though WILL REMAIN. They are ready to use on whatever I come up with. (the added shells are covering up a stamped image on the stamp that I was too lazy to cover up with tape...)

I don't want to be unfashionably late mailing my "thanks" out...(like I usually am) blessed I feel to have family and friends...and I want to let them know...I could not have gotten through the last 3 weeks without support. Life lessons...what we already know...just get "reminded". How humbling.

That's all for now...nuff said....thanks friends....I know many of you sent cyber hugs ... and I appreciate that ... (((hugs back)))...oh and some cyberchocolate foiled shells.... :)



  1. What a wonderful take on our BBTB2 starfish challenge. Thanks so much for joining us.

  2. This is absolutely gorgeous! I couldn't help but scroll down to read the post about your son after reading this. What an ordeal you've all been though and I'm so happy for the positive outcome. This should be framed and hung in a spot where you're reminded to thank God each and every day for his many blessings. Thanks so much for reminding me and for joining our starfish challenge at BBTB2. xxD

  3. So beautiful! Great details! Thanks for joining us over at the BBTB2! DT Member Carri :)

  4. This is absolutely gorgeous!! WOW! Thanks for playing with us at BBTB2!