Friday, August 19, 2011


You know the saying, TGIF?! Well...TGI .... PIE DAY!!!!!! At first, I felt funny about printing God on my card...this is not a serious card, and I don't want to offend anybody. If you all have followed my postings, you already know, and if you haven't followed since the beginning...I'm careful to not misuse anything to do with faith. I have faith, and I don't willy nilly abuse it...however...this card has inspired so much conversation with family and friends...that I can't help but think that *maybe* this was meant to be....let me explain...

Before I get started I wanted to make note that this card was inspired by the BBTB2 card challenge:

Boo Hoo....I missed the deadline to upload this to the challenge!!! I dawdled and missed it...but, truly wanted to upload it on a "Friday".... I was :( (not really...missing a card challenge isn't the end of the world...but...I was wanting to add it to the other fun "takes" on the ought to go browse, if you haven't already" Anyhow....I was pleasantly surprised to see that my card met the criteria for the current card contest on the BBTB2 board!!!!! I stamped the word "apple" on my card and used a very old SU alphabet set of mine on the inside (crayon kids lower case alphabet).....the whole card is inky and my duplicates will probably even have MORE stamping on them....the "red" I used was Red Riding Hood Red from SU current c/s offerings....the retired stuff and supplies from the big time olden days...I have no idea where I acquired the green gingham dp...all I it was what I was looking for! Here is the link! (I was saying oodles of oohs and aahhhs viewing the "ippity" stamps thinks there is room in my studio for a few of these sets!)

Here's where I'm coming from, when I say, how I think *this was meant to be* all know the wonderful world of facebook? So, I've had a bit of hardtimes this summer...and I have received tons of facebook support... I know how nice it is to see comments in the double digits...I pitched a question out there....expecting only ONE person to answer...I had told my sister about my TGIP day....(will elaborate on that next)....and as a joke...I facebook marketing researched it...."WHAT IS YOUR FAVORITE PIE"....I'm not kidding...I had facebook friends from all 4 corners of the U.S. answering this question...stories to share and all...from "Grandma's special rhubarb pie" ... to "I luv the smell of the holidays...pies"..... so what's cool about all that ... WHAT A COOL WAY TO CONNECT WITH FRIENDS! It wasn't a heavy hearted was one of fond memories and fun stories....hmmmm....

My original thought...why I didn't nix putting God in my card....MY idea was to TGIP my friends! You know, maybe a friend who is sad for whatever reason...I have a girlfriend very sad right now because her oldest child is off to college for the first time....another because her "baby" is starting kindergarten....a friend struggling with very personal issues...another leaving the country for 2 years....and then there are for good reasons....a sister who was so so supportive to me while my son and I were in Seattle...without her, I would have been alone there, possibly....another sister who unconditionally, no matter my soul mate...another who is the leader of us all...and one far from home, but close to my heart....THEN...there are people who I DON'T KNOW...but, I see them at church, or hear about things...who have hit a spot in their lives, who being the recipient of a TRAK...a TOTALLY Random Act of Kindness...just might give them comfort, if only it's for the length of time to eat a bite of PIE. (I've been there...when STRANGERS offered comfort...this happened a few years ago after my niece was's the little things sometimes that help get us steps)

...THAT was my bake a pie...and deliver to (fill in the blank) with a homemade card. facebook question was a 2 part ? You takes me an eternity to make cards...that I know...I am making about 16 right, the liklihood of flouring up my kitchen on top of run a business...sounds a little, I involved Cyrus O'Leary. I think the company makes the same kinds of pies that my cards will be... :)

I have to thank BBTB2 for giving me inspiration on this!!!! This card sparked so much's unreal! And...I had to put my thinking cap on it......I hope I'm not out of the wakky world with my 11 year old "doesn't get it" .... nor does her son thinks I'm a little weird...but, I sure enjoyed making this..., I guess that's all that matters! I also kind of know a company that sort of named their chain of resturaunts after the "concept"'s not that far of a stretch!

NOW..............go make a pie.....and give someone a SMILE!

I will/can follow up with the results of my to which won as favorite...

Oh...forgot to add! I used supplies that I thought I would never use again!!! My original sizzix alphabet!!! (for the chipboard TGIP) How cool is THAT!!!

Hey...I still don't know how to e-mail back to anyone who leaves a, don't think I don't want to...if I can I will..but..if you would like to share....I'd really like to know...WHAT IS YOUR FAVORITE PIE!!!



  1. Trudi...this is very cute. It is so great that our blog inspired this card for you... You have posted it in the Ippity Stamp challenge, NOT the BBTB2 pie challenge. The Pie Challenge for BBTB2 is now closed. With a minor adjustment you can enter the Ippity Stamp challenge....

  2. Trudi
    I love pie and your card made me laugh. I am also jealous that you get to work in a chocolate factory. I worked in a resturant for a couple of years and my favorite foods became my not so favorite(eat to much).
    This is my blog and I really don't have much in my profile but i really don't mind sharing via email.
    Tammy from Canada

  3. Great card and great story! FAbulous take on the Ippitly contest. Best of luck and thanks for entering. BTW, my fave pie is pecan. xxD

  4. Thank you for joining us on our Ippity Stamp challenge at BBTB2 with your darling TGIP card. I am with fave is Pecan Pie too.

  5. Your card is so SWEET ! I love the bright red buttons you used and the saying is just darling ! Thank you so much for sharing your card AND your blog entry with us at BBTB2 ! Homemade strawberry pie is my favorite !!!!

  6. Mmmmm...pie!! I love this, Trudi!! This is so cute and I'm so glad it fit the contest call for you. Thanks for playing with us at BBTB2!

  7. Trudi...your pie card won the contest at BBTB2. Can you please email me your address?


  8. after coming here to congratulate you and read some of the story behind the card....i have to say wohoo!
    good for you. :)


  9. Trudi, congratulations on your BBTB2 win. Yay.