Friday, August 26, 2011


The phone is going nuts...and I'm trying to multi-task...and feeling my blood pressure going up. I need to STOP...take a's JUST CHOCOLATE....I really enjoy working for the advertising world and public relations...but YIKES....instant sometimes is not doable. It IS fun working on promotional events for big companies...just the chain of command is what it is...I can only do what my suppliers will do for me!

So, here is MY breather (for now)...I will hopefully unwind later, after the's been a chocolate challenging week! Lots of stuff going on!

Yesterday, I sent an order out...the last of a particular we are no longer going to offer this item. Unfortunately, the customer could not get what she originally wanted, because our supply was short...but working with her for over 15 years...she told me ... just make it look good ... it has to have some sort of apple theme.

There was absolutely no profit in this order, IF I were to pay myself an hourly wage (she ordered 40 only, but the apple making, with interuptions took about 3 hours to make!).......after chasing lost chocolate down in hot parts of the nation, meeting impossible deadlines for others, bidding on projects we have no possibility of getting (you never know though, so I bid) ... I wanted something fun to do! I value all customers, but this one in particular has been through thick and thin with made a little apple for her!

My crafty thing for the day....

I used "Give A Hoot" (this cartridge is the sweetest cartridge...I think I (heart) it. The cookies...are cookies with cinnamon and sugar sprinkled on them...sort of like pie dough (cookies) ... a thing my Mom used to make for us when we were little with the leftover pie dough...(what is this with PIES lately! LOL!)

Speaking of pies...over the weekend, I'll tally the results to "Trudi's Friends Favorite Pies" I have a feeling it might be in the holiday kinds...pecan was pretty popular....but so were the cream filled ones....

Back to my reality...enough unwinding for now...


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