Wednesday, August 10, 2011


So, I *try* to stay in the crafty mode on my blog, since this is a paper-crafting blog...but...the last couple of years, I started to nix the 2 a.m. crafting...I get my sleep that way, and I'm a little healthier because of it. I am getting back in my groove though, and have been really enjoying finishing up my last cards...taking about 3 weeks, but that's OK...I sketched something out this morning...

To look forward to is a card using my "A Kids Year"? (not sure if I'm recollecting the name right) know, how what is chic right now are all those cool sillouettes EVERYWHERE...even on "America's Got Talent"...there is the coolest dance routine, sillouette, an idea has sparked...and I sketched out my design this morning....I *plan* on using one of my impulse SU sets too...that's all the deets I'm will have to wait and see in the next week or so for the result.

I *might* make a PIE card before it....BBTB2 has a pie challenge:

We'll many hours in the day, and it's been suggested to me A LOT lately, that I need to take "something" to calm my emotions...(not sure how to take THAT advice)...honestly, I'm working on it!

So...factory stress....this little project, I bid on, while I was in Seattle with my son....late night correspondance with the distributor...and sadly, I underquoted in hope is to BREAK EVEN on this's all good if we do...I have our employees here working and not having to take short is still a little scary out there, so we'll take it...imagine (the picture you see)...this little guy

6000 times. .... read that right...6000 of these...all hand done....YIKES!

As tigger would say....TTFN! (ta ta for now!)


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