Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Got Side Tracked....

OK...Taxes got in the way of my card-making plans over the weekend. But...yippee...I pretty much am FINISHED with my taxes...(thx Turbo Tax...I (heart) you. (I don't know how to put a little symbol in just imagine a heart there....all I need to do is buy a new ink cartridge and print, sign and oh...write a check (ouch)

But...I hope to have a new picture on tomorrow. Once again, my less is more card is turning into a more is more card. I guess leopards really don't change their spots...(you know the saying)....analogy meaning....I'm destined to always put more labor into my designs than probably necessary, and always not everyone's "cup of tea"...but for some reason, I like to do things this way, and I'm not complaining....I could save time and probably bling bling money if I left elements personality at this stage of my creative life is not leading me to do this...and...I work entirely on IMPULSE....I am going to case my own design (the one I'm posting tomorrow)...and turn it into a holiday we all know...that 3rd Monday of the month (Christmas Card Monday, I now call it...) is RAPIDLY approaching...and this is a resolution of mine that I am on a mission to NOT flake on!!!! I truly think this has helped me get my creative inspiration back....I am already planning on what I'm going to do for May...

First things first, however...and RAK ladies....I really DO have a pile of cards for each of you....honestly....(ok, a pile of 2 so far...but they are THICK...haha)

My pictures: This is an order we shipped yesterday for a customer who will be handing these out to tenants...I'm not sure the details, as I don't work directly with the customer, but through one of the event/ad specialty customers of mine...anyhow...we separated by "bundles" some needing up to 50 units....what a fun order....the mini chocolate flower is bowed on top of a little package of chocolate sunflower seeds which we package...we make the flowers and tie on the imprinted ribbon (which we print here)...anyhow...a little glimpse for you all into my "other world" pic I promise will be "crafty".



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