Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Christmas Card Monday

OK...If I typically sleep a regular night ... about 8 hours ... then by combining my last 3 nights of sleep would be about 8 hours total...It must be Monday...(this makes absolutely NO SENSE...but, it does to ME)...I'm so so so tired so tired....3rd night of below freezing temperatures. Just hope we got the machines on in time....we had a little mishap with the alarm....I turned it OFF...thinking that the machines were ON...and they weren't. I'm so tired right now...that I'm not even going to think about it..., TODAY is MONDAY to me....and I'm getting my card uploaded to share my April Christmas Card. I did previously indicate that I would be casing my Bingo card...

I sort of did and sort of didn't. I actually decided to case a different card of mine....which was sort of happening....and then...I flipflopped back to sort of case the first one. Totally not making sense'll be brief.

First, this week's Cricut Circle Challenge (Challenge #29) was to create a handmade flower/flowers. It didn't say it had to be a spring flower...I wasn't sure if I picked the best sizes, or maybe that I may even need to include yet one more....I stamped a pattern on the Burgundy (and the True Thyme leaves)...inked the edges as well...when I came to the punched out just didn't seem to work for me....I like the brown....wouldn't have been my first thought...but, to be honest, I can't imagine the branches green.

I like this stamp...I really do...but, there are a few things you need to know. Stamping these little images is TIME CONSUMING...What I liked about the pink version, is that I was dealing with ONE color only....this multiple color thing is a bit tedious....

The other observation, and it's merely a thought...the card it BIG....I'm not used to making BIG cards....I guess I'll mail these to friends that I have lots to say on....

In the much as I tried to add more bling...this really didn't remind me of a bling thing...but more distressed and old fashioned....I adored making the poinsettias...and because I was in a hurry...instead of searching through my 60+ cricut cartridges, I picked 2 that I knew would have one ... and decided I liked the one found in "Joys of the Season". My greens were hard to match with my designer paper (which I think I paid a nickel for in a grab bag at my local craft store...Basic Grey too!!! I have about 8 sheets...perfect to make my extra copies, since I can only get 2 cards out of a 12x12 sheet....big stamp big stamp big stamp I say....)

For those of you who know me....It didn't take much for me to choose the True Thyme for my green of choice of the cardstock......(one of the bestest colors SU has ever launched...too bad it was one of the "in colors" and was only "in" for a year. As a scrapbooker/card maker ... I have to say, this green is an easy looks vintagey to me...and I have had this giant pile of Baroque Burgundy c/s staring at me for awhile (my own stash, plus I inherited a bunch from my friend who was reducing her inventory)....

Lastly, I don't think I have EVER stamped on colored cardstock for my main stamped image! I've always used a white (Whisper White) or an off-white (Very Vanilla) or a light cream (other quality brand), this was a FIRST for me....I was pleasantly surprised by the outcome...I will do this again!

So, that's the skinny on this card. If I wasn't so tired, did I say so so tired, so very very tired...I'm sure I'd be a bit more full of info, and a little less of "trivia"....

On a FUN scale of 1 - 10 ... I'd say this card deserves an 8 or it was pretty "fun" to make...just not when I was so so tired...when I make the "copies"....I'll be all awake, and I'll let you know then!

So, pretend it's Monday....aka Christmas Card Monday (April)...the next Christmas Card Monday is: May 16 I have something fun and light brewing for this one!

Thanks for stopping by!


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