Saturday, June 4, 2011


Hope sis doesn't mind...I did not crop this either, so her fingers are in the picture...this is one that she designed for our nephew's graduation. She has one up on me...I'm such a sheepdog...I haven't had the energy to even make a card for my nephew who just graduated from WSU and is on his way to Disney University!!!!! Not sure what has happened to me in the last adrenilen dissapated (not sure of spelling on either of those 2 words...sunburnt, tired and sick...I'm not going to check it out either! so there!)...anyhow...

I have flaked on my resolution to make an XMAS card for May...I could have ventured into my studio has been the way my life has been:

1. Volleyball Tournament: THIS WAS HUGE...180 TEAMS IN THE HUSKYDOME, is all I can say


6. Ear infection: (out in the cold during baseball and on the way to Seattle for volleyball)


8. Oh, a little work too...had some fun shipping experiences exporting into Canada this last week shipment is still waiting to get cleared through customs

So...I OWE...I owe my people their RAKS...I owe my dear friend Nance an e-mail at a minimum (dear Nance...I have a little something more than that for you!)...I owe my dear friend Laura P a "how's it going e-mail...I think if you look up the definition in the dictionary for friend...Laura should be one of the meanings....)

and I owe my people who read my MAY CARD....I am not DOWN...just a little overwhelmed...I will feel MUCH BETTER WHEN MY PACKAGE MAKES IT TO MONTREAL....and we are still in the city BASEBALL is still part of my LIFE...RAK peeps...I have THREE cards waiting to be bundled up and mailed....

life life life life to bed with pain meds and antibiotics for this EAR my almost half century life...I have never had such a bad ear infection...this made my FACE swell...and landed in my THROAT, JAW, TONGUE, etc...ick


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  1. oh Trudi! I hear ya! I can totally sympathize! I stop by here regularly and haven't had the umph to leave a comment. Well Today I'm gonna, cause YOU NEED IT!
    miss ya! Heck I miss everything! That dang life gets in the way all the time. I haven't even touched paper in months! I BOUGHT mother's day cards this year for my mom and mom in law! can u imagine.