Saturday, May 14, 2011

Country Living

I know why I didn't like the picture that I posted on the previous post. It was because it wasn't the picture that I used. Geesh. I have the one I ultimately used (baseball chocolates) stored on my computer at the factory. This has been bugging me! I'm not there, so you will have to trust me!

I'm slowly chipping away at my baby journal. I never did buy my new camera, so that is on the agenda for tomorrow.

In the meantime: Living in the country, we get all kinds of wildlife on our lawn. These pictures are 4 years old. I woke up one morning to this awful screeching sound. Outside my window was this beautiful creature. Our neighbors are few, and I know for a positive fact that NONE OF THEM have peacocks! This majestic animal quickly came and quickly left...I guess they travel fast. I would have luvved to get a picture with his tail fanned luck. This was right after my niece had been killed and I had been so so sad...this was the first day that for a few moments my thoughts were directed in a different kids were fast asleep, it was about 5:30 in the was just me and the peacock (camera and coffee) that day, we all looked for evidence of was fun to find the print.

Yes, some day, I WILL do a scrapbook page of this. The morning moments with this fast moving bird (very very fast) had some meaning to me...even if it was only in my mind! I see ALL kinds of fun peacock stamps/designer papers, and an image on "French Manor" Cricut cartridge....(a couple of years ago, peacocks were BIG...I'm a little slow)...and the colors are my colors...(I had my colors draped while I was in college...I'm a teal/purple kind of girl") many little time!


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