Thursday, June 16, 2011

It's All About Baseball

Couple of things...I finally broke down and now have a new digital camera to use in the factory. I am learning the new thing...keep in mind...I like reading manuals about as much as I like doing computer stuff. I don', a little frustration here and there, but at least I won't break my thumb trying to hold the battery holder down, since the little spring on my last camera broke. My old camera I think was a 3 mega pixel, if that tells you's been awhile.

Now, on to family is consumed with the sport right son earned a spot on the All-Star "B" team...and once he did, my husband offered to coach post season as well. (We just finished his 2nd season of coaching minor league, Cal Ripkin program...I know way too much) It wasn't until a few years ago did I learn really how baseball talented my husband is. I knew he ate, slept and drank baseball his entire life...from young until about 4 years before he met see, during a 96 mph pitch, he threw his elbow out on the mound...walked off and never looked back...I did not know that at 18, he was drafted to play major league baseball (the Dodgers)...he is not one to I will for him. I did not know him in that life...we met as young adults, after college...and after his career took a screeching halt.

So, now, as a coach, I see his knowledge being poured onto our sweet 10 year old son...I guess it's a little about reliving his boyhood...yet, the approach he is taking with our definitely not the route he went. We do not LIVE at the baseball field. We don't have a career that lends that way of life for us...(sometimes I think it would be much simpler if we did have 9 to 5 jobs...)...(I still wouldn't change a thing)...that being said...the growth that we have seen our son like leaps and bounds...and how proud we, as parents, are to see him blossom ... it should be all about having "fun"...yet, any baseball parent will tell you ... the politics is way more than that...I guess any sport...the politics gets dicey.

Fate ended my husbands career in baseball, but if not for fate...he and I would never have met...and our 2 beautiful children would never have come to be...

The pictures I have posted for you...are 2 of the very first creations I ever did with stamping. I'm almost 100% positive that I semi-cased the first card a long long time ago off of SplitCoast Stampers. (The saying) In the beginning, I perused SS for hours (when I learned about it)...until I got brave enough to start stamping w/o a plan! Creating is one of those things for me...that I just have "DO IT"...kwim?

The other card..literally is the first card I ever watercolored, and probably the first card I ever made. I've been in gift / chocolate design now for 25 years...and scrapbooking for about 12-13...but stamping probably only 7 or so (my style has really changed in the last 7)...which makes these precious little signatures on here from my daughter about 4 years old and her baby brother 2-1/2. This was one of the first SU sets I bought, and I have cherished it. The "thank you" card...was one that I made for my nephew to give to his a girl (me) who grew up on the farm, never ever watched a game of baseball in her life until I met my husband...I sure have it all around me now!

Tonight: Game ONE for dear son...of his post season...

I (heart) Baseball!


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  1. Great baseball cards!! We used to "live" baseball, too, when DS was growing up and playing...I do miss little league sometimes,though. On your top card, was that verse about thanking everyone a stamp? If it is, it's's BrookS Robinson (with an S) not Brooke...I'm an Orioles fan, you know! ;)