Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Time to Move On!

Move on from 2011 that is!!! I think I flunked all my last years New Years Resolutions, so I'm going to be careful what I commit to this year! I'm trying to find some sort of challenge for me to be a part of...I belong to a group that mails cards out and so far, I have not fell behind my committment. I have so many fun cricut cartridges that I have never even registered let alone ever put them in my machine!!!!

I have stamp sets galore....and I'm afraid my inks are going to go dry because of lack of using them!!!! I want to find a challenge out there that is open to a wide range of supplies...not one that is exclusive to a particular company....

I'm going home early tonight from work...as soon as the employees leave for the day...I'm heading home .... I'm going to clean the craft table and start "something"....so many ideas...so little time....and a few too many little boxes of 80% finished projects. YIKES!

Going to bed and catching up on much needed sleep sounds good too!

Picture: This was a project we were contracted to do over the holidays. Not working direct with the buyer, I'm not 100% sure what it is for...but, I think it involved an executive meeting....our claim to fame for the day....this was the "last big" day for us...(December 9)...I shipped these out (about 600) the same day we shipped a 70 gift basket order out. I came home in tears that night...it was a meltdown day for me....so much stress/business/activity that leads up to our final days before it all comes to a quick end....this year, it was December 9th...(we still had Christmas business...but not the huge stuff....the Nike order wasn't huge...the basket order was and it about killed me...these were HUGE baskets....)

Anyhow...now for some fun again and rejoining the land of the normal people...whatever that is...I'm convinced I'm far from "normal"!


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