Friday, December 16, 2011


My first thought was to start this posting out as UNBELIEVABLE...because relating to "crafting" and the card that I have pictured is unbelievable that I made a card in less than 10 minutes. Any of you who have ever received a card from me will/can testify...that "less than 10 minutes" in NOT my way....I have to tweak and add and embellish until it's the Las Vegas showgirl of cards...(I almost put a famous singer's name in that...but thought twice...afterall, this is a public board and I want to show NO disrespect...just envision a famous singer who has lots of bling bling...definitely a country singer, been around for a LONG time...and one of the most talented "legendy" singers I know...)

So...when I thought...I'll title this post..."unbelievable"... I started reading more into that "title"....Because...of the image I stamped. How can I say "unbelievable"...when the image is a "believe" image?!

For unto you is born this day

in the city of David a Saviour,

which is Christ the Lord.

Luke 2:11

This is not an "unbelievable" type's one that brings us back to the what Christmas is about...not that commercial stuff that my business world revolves around. I was raised with faith and I'm glad that the warmth of this is part of my value's my "believable" part of this post.

That being said....I LUV Santa...and red and green and all of that too. I LUV the fact that my kids still believe that Santa sneaks into our house and leaves presents....that at the North Pole the elves are busy making toys for kids and even thinking about what "pre tweens" might want to find under the tree on Christmas Day. The "commercial part" of Christmas...if you want to talk economics....(which IS my background)...plays an important role in keeping our economy moving....when someone buys from me...I make money, pay taxes, employ people who spend money elsewhere (more taxes are paid by them and ME again...yada yada yada....) get the picture....

I also like Santa because he's's innocent and magical and it keeps my kids still young and son covers his ears when I watch the nightly (local) news...I never really paid attention to it...but, he's right...the first 10 minutes is filled with car accidents, shootings, gang busts, meth labs, robberies...stuff a 10 year old doesn't want to know is going on in the very same city, sometimes only 5 miles away from his very own'm open to Santa sticking around in our lives for a long long time...

Yet....I have close to my heart...."for unto you is born this day in the city of David a Saviour, which is Chirst the Lord." Luke 2:11

I didn't intend for my post today to go down this path....but, it did...and after glancing over what I wrote...thought I'd keep it. I'm still surprised with the card...My original thought was to make this look like a "sign" one you might see at the Inn in Bethlehem...but, the "sign" die I have for my big shot what not big enough to stamp the image...If you look closely, this is the "wood" sheets (I bought mine from SU)...I've kicked it around to do this simple card now for a couple of years now and have never used my wood sheets! Next option was to "tear" careful on that....that was the hard part of the card...I felt like I was getting little "slivers" if you careful....beyond that....I intended on putting some warm toned designer paper behind the wood image...but, I kept thinking I wanted this SIMPLE.....I stamped the verse in gold encore (too much to emboss, plus, I don't like to emboss...I like to see it...just don't like doing it!)....the more I thought about the card...the more simple it got! I did stamp the Chocolate Chip card base in Canvas....I thought Canvas reminded me more of what textile would have been available back then.

So....believable/ you know...


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