Thursday, December 2, 2010

I'm Still Here

Long time no post! I'm still here! Business is brisk...I sent out literally a ton of chocolate this week....on Monday, one 800 pound pallet, only to follow it up with Tuesday 400 more pounds...this is only ONE customer....and I've supplied to oodles more than that! I'm exhausted...and as much as I luv business...I'm ready to let go of a little of it...just to stay home with my little family.

Thanksgiving...lots of family drama...trying to sort all that's great having a big family...but sometimes communication gets garbled....I'm ready for some alone time too...this year, for's all about our husband and I are not doing anything for each other...just making it a nice season for our kidlets, who are rapidly growing up....

We also decided, on Christmas's about the true meaning of maybe not so much of the presents and stuff...but, the giving your heart and soul for what Christmas is all about.

My state was/is under a blanket of snow and sleet and ice...we rained today, first it was snow...then rain...just hope it doesn't get below was close to the slippy stuff was subsiding....It's only the beginning of December and I don't like winter already!

Hope all is well...I suspect I'll be a hit and miss for the next few hard work is almost done...I almost shudder to say it...but, I have a bunch of chocolate ROSES lined up...yup...Christmas is ALMOST over for the chocolate world...onto the next! And can you believe it...I have a distributor ready to give us EASTER orders! YIKES!



    sorry about the family drama stuff.......unfortunately I can relate. :(
    Missed ya!
    talk soon.....happy holidays

  2. Wow Trudi! Just now catching up with you again. You have been a busy woman!. Hope you and your family have a very Merry Christmas.

    Here in the south, people just freak out when it starts to sleet. They just don't know how to drive on dry roads anyway. I can't imagine all that snow and ice.

    Sorry to hear about the family drama, I can relate as well.

    Don't work to hard!

    Marilyn C.