Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Friends -- Fun!

My card. For some reason, no matter what I did to this was fun. It might be that I'm the only person on this earth that likes the result...but no matter what, no matter how...I had fun. My sewing machine was "catching" I have imperfect stitches (gasp)...and I rocked my stamp on one of my a little brown spot appears in the tree branches on one of my cards(shudder) sun has funky strange stitching on it....I couldn't manipulate my circle very easily...(I'm shocked!)...and...I'm sure there are other blunders...but...I still had fun....I grabbed this and went for that...and didn't overthink my card. I didn't agonize over which was the best designer paper for my hills...or background stamp for my sun...or colors for the sun for that matter. I realize my quail have little blue sky bodies because the stamp shows this...and I wasn't about to color them in! At the end of the day....I REALLY ENJOYED making this card...AND THE MULTIPLES I made of it!
I can't wait to mail these out to my friends....this is my first go around with this set...and I knew from the getgo...I was going to luv it! It puts a smile on my face...and hope too, that the recipients can sense that when they receive theirs (sometime next week!) Sorry ladies for the little blurb here and there...all is good...I found my style again while making this card (it was gone for awhile), I thought I better run with it while I could!

Now, I can start my next project...the one I've been wanting to start for a long long time!

FYI: Those little "suns" in the picture are chocolate suns...well, technically not chocolate...I guess orange and lemon flavored fake chocolate....real chocolate has to have cocoa in it...even white chocolate isn't real chocolate. Anyhow...these were an overrun of an order that we shipped out a month ago...I thought I'd add them to my picture for FUN!



  1. ADORABLE!! I must get my sewing machine down since I never use it for anything else!

    marilyn c.

  2. This is SO cute! I might need to CASE this!!